Monday, June 7, 2010

V is for Vapid

What is it about the letter 'V'? Or, more specifically, what is it about Doctor Who and the letter 'V'?

I am talking, of course, about the new series and the - shall we say - bad apples in the barrel. Victory of the Daleks - didn't live up to the potential. Vampires in Venice - tedious, inconsistent, re-treading the same old vampiric trash. Vincent and the Doctor - schmaltzy.

Thank goodness next week's episode is called The Lodger - although, judging by the trailer, it could go the way of Fear Her, and (to top it all) it's got James Corden in it.

But the weaker episodes only go to highlight what a fantastic show Doctor Who Confidential is, since in these instances the programme is still enjoyable, fascinating and educational, even though the programme it's based on isn't the best in the first place. So here's to Confidential!



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