Friday, May 28, 2010

Subscribe to SFX Magazine and get 4 Pax Britannia books free!

If you haven't already taken up the offer, there's still a few days left for you to subscribe to SFX magazine and... Well, I'll let the guys from SFX themselves tell you:

Subscriptions are great. Not only do you get your monthly fix of SFX delivered straight to your front door early but you save oodles of cash by subscribing AND you receive a coverline free copy, available exclusively to subscribers!

Not bad eh? Best of all though for the next few days new subscribers will receive four incredible books from Abaddon’s steampunk range Pax Britannia: the first three Quicksilver books (Human Nature, Leviathan Rising and Unnatural Factory by Jonathan Green), and the first El Sombra book by Al Ewing.

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