Saturday, May 30, 2009

Calling Antarctica

As anybody who has spent any time looking at any of my blogs will be able to tell you, on each one I have a handy little widget installed called sitemeter. This allows me to see how many people are checking out what I've written and where they can be found within the world.

This particular blog is well past the 10,000 visitor mark now and I've had people drop by from all corners of the globe (if a globe can be said to have corners). As an example, here's today's world map representation of where this blog's last 100 visitors came from.

I have had people from South America read this blog, regularly in fact, just not in the last 100 people. However, I don't think any penguins with broadband Internet, or the scientists observing said penguins have ever paid a visit. So, if you know anyone posted to Antarctica tell them I said 'Hi!' and asked them to pop by soon and leave a message.

Thanks. Over and out.

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