Thursday, May 28, 2009

Solaris For Sale

I seem to be a little slow in catching up on this piece of news, but in case you haven't heard yourself, Games Workshop's BL Publishing division has put their Solaris Books imprint up for sale.

In a statement George Mann, head of publishing at BL Publishing, said: "In recent years our Black Library imprint has more than doubled in size and scope and we have decided that we should focus all our attention in growing this core part of our business. While we see plenty of growth potential with Solaris, we are looking for a buyer who is interested in developing this global brand."

Apparently all books commissioned up to 2010 will still go ahead, but don't quote me on that! I wonder how Marc Gascoigne - formerly head of of BL Publishing and Solaris but now of Angry Robot Books - took the news.

I don't expect it helped Solaris' situation any that Angry Robot snapped Dan Abnett up for a three book deal, when there's been talk for some years now that he was going to write original fiction for Solaris. Apparently the BL editors kept pushing for him to do more stuff for them first. Oops.

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