Sunday, May 11, 2008

P J Holden - update

Many moons ago (on 21 December 2007, in fact) I posted this about the comic artist P J Holden.

P J Holden is an artist who is steadily making more and more of a name for himself within the world of comics. Having started out illustrating scripts for 2000AD (producing a fair few pages for Judge Dredd as well as Future Shocks and the ‘86ers’) he is now working on the ‘Fearless’ mini-series for Image Comics... I came to work with P J when I was scripting strips for Warhammer Monthly. I had written a three-page, one-trick story set in Games Workshop’s Necromunda setting (a futuristic industrial wasteland off-shoot of the Warhammer 40,000 universe) called Slavebreak.

Now, at the time I mentioned that I had been impressed by the amount of effort P J put into creating the various characters for the strip. Well, I'm pleased to say that the Belfast-based comic book creator has been in touch and sent me a link to his own blog - which included a post about 'Slavebreak'!

So, thanks to him I can now post the images he sent me (years ago now!) of the Pit Slave gang who featured in the story.


Scuzman Veck




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