Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Mousehunter

Fellow writer-cum-blogger Alex Milway is a busy chap. Not only is he the creator, author and illustrator of The Mousehunter series of books, he also maintains his own blog with a nigh-on religious fervour. To top it all, this Saturday 26 April, he's also opening a bookshop - the Flowerhouse in Shorn, Kent. He'll be there from around 2.00pm for about an hour.

Now, just over the Thames in Grays, I'll be taking part in Borders Books' Dalek Day which means that, if you're feeling energetic you could actually attend both events on the same day.

But whatever you plans for the weekend, why not drop by The Mousehunter Blog or, if you have any young children in your family with a thing for rodents, get hold of a copy of the first in The Mousehunter series by Alex.

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