Thursday, April 3, 2008

When Authors Blog

Today I am enjoying what is actually a rather unusual experience for a jobbing writer. I am spending time in the company of others, and other authors at that.

It's all as a result of an event organised by the Independent Alliance, which all sounds a bit politically reactionary but is in fact a group of like-minded independent publishers. And the event? It's the Author Web Day.

Basically, it's a day of seminars and practical sessions teaching those of us used to communicating on the printed page how to promote ourselves most effectively on the Interweb.

It's strange; as writers communication is our stock in trade. However (and perhaps here I am speaking for myself alone), when it comes to communicating more directly about what I do, I come over all British. Blowing your own trumpet is just something you don't do!

But if you are to connect with today's 'connected generation', blowing your own trumpet is precisely what you have to learn to do. So, today is a day of initiation, getting over the embarrassment of telling people that you are a writer and that you have written something other people should read, and probably increasing my Facebook friends profile.

It's been a very useful experience and the fruits of everyone's labours will be available here as a series of links. So check them out and help increase the size of my fellow creators' Internet footprints.

So, until the next bout of shameless self-promotion...


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