Saturday, March 22, 2008

Leviathan Rising hits Eastercon

I have just returned from the opening day of this year's Eastercon, otherwise known as Orbital 2008. I was there to accompany the launch of my second Pax Britannia title 'Leviathan Rising'. Even if I do say so myself, Mark Harrison's cover looks stunning matched to the book's matt-finish format. And inside the designers have gone to town with some really fantastic tentacles!

I just want to take this opportunity to say 'Hi!' again to anyone who came along and said 'Hello.' And thank you to all those people who bought the book and then let me scribble my name in the front. I hope you enjoy it.

But it wasn't all work work work. As well as talking all things Pax Britannia with my editor Jonathan Oliver, I also caught up briefly with Christian Dunn of Solaris Books (who I know from my days writing for Inferno! magazine) and got to say 'Hello' to James Swallow, tie-in novel writer and fellow Black Library scribe, who spoke animatedly on a panel about... tie-in fiction and whether they are proper books. The concensus in the room was a resounding 'Yes', you'll be pleased to hear.

You can find out more about James' work for Doctor Who, Star Trek, Stargate and the rest at his own website. And on top of being a top tie-in author, he's a scholar and a gentlemen too. We'll have to have that beer some other time, James.


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