Thursday, March 20, 2008

Orbital 2008

This Easter weekend see the annual British National Science Fiction Convention (a.k.a. Eastercon, or Orbital 2008) come to London. Or rather Heathrow: the Radisson Edwardian Hotel to be precise.

Eastercon's history is heavily linked with "sf as the written word", and modern Eastercons retain a strong literary influence. Guests-of-honour are typically authors, and many authors in the contemporary sf scene and related genres (such as fantasy and horror) regularly attend.

This year's guests of honour are Neil Gaiman, Tanith Lee, China MiƩville and Charles Stross. And I'll be going as well, but only from lunch time tomorrow.

So, if you're there too, why not wend your way to the Abaddon Books stand where I'm going to be signing brand spanking new copies of 'Leviathan Rising'.

Hope to see you there.


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