Monday, December 10, 2007

Mental Popcorn - in a good way

I just discovered this review of 'Unnatural History' on the net (Vain? Moi?) and the title of it (reproduced above) had me hooked from the start. If a publisher ever wants a quote to slap on the front of any of my novels, I think they could do a lot worse than 'Mental Popcorn - in a good way'.
Anyway, the reviewer is absolutely right. My books are not high art. Although the odd comment might creep in about the human condition along the way - and I try to avoid it, I really do - first and foremost I write novels that are intended to entertain. Having worked in a stressful career for a number of years, at the end of the day there was nothing I liked more than losing myself in a good old-fashioned adventure story.

I would imagine that people who enjoy my books are the kind of people who also enjoy James Bond movies. You pretty much know right from the start that the hero will triumph, but it's the journey to that ultimate destination which keeps you guessing and entertained, keeping you there the ride, as it were.

That said, the latest proposal I have just put the finishing touches to should provide readers with a few surprises along the way. But you'll have to wait until next year to find out more about that one.

So, apologizes for waffling and now, on with the review:

This book is not high art, and that's probably it's greatest strength. Recalling the derring-do, bizarre settings, and outlandish characters of the old pulps, Pax Britannia: Unnatural History is a steampunk powered rollercoaster of fun that moves along at the pace of a modern action movie. There are a few introspective moments for our hero, but let's face it, this thing is a modern pulp novel and that sort of thing should be limited. Fortunately, our hero spends limited time contemplating his navel, and far more time smashing drug crazed convicts, stopping rampaging dinosaurs, and saving the Queen. Moreover, the novel is lovingly reverant to it's own source material, as evidenced by little touches like the "Challenger section" of the local zoo that houses dinosaurs... If you want a fun steampunk look at a modern pulp, this book, and hopefully, this series, will provide a nice place to start. At the very least,it should allow you to unplug your brain for a little while and enjoy the ride.


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