Wednesday, November 28, 2007

London Calling

One of the elements I've added to this blog is a handy sitemeter. (It's at the bottom of the right-hand column if you're interested.) As well as registering how many hits this site receives, it also lets me know where in the world visitors are logging on from.

My wife couldn't quite believe it that people in Singapore and Chile were checking out the Unnatural History blogspot to see what I was up to at the moment. I have to admit that I find the thought rather exciting myself. It's great to know that people all over the world are interested in what I'm up to in my tiny corner of this dank little island we called Britain.

Either that, or they've ended up here by mistake.

Well, if you are visiting from overseas, let me know. Post a comment and say, 'Hi!' As the saying goes, 'There are no strangers, only friends we haven't met yet.'

PS - In terms of what I'm up to at the moment... I'm nearing the end of one project at the same time as starting on the next, but it's still a little early to reveal any more than that just at the moment. I promise I'll post more as and when I get the go ahead from my various editors/publishers.


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