Monday, November 19, 2007

Des Hanley

I have only ever worked with Des Hanley indirectly, but I have always been impressed with his careful pencil work.

Boyz in the Hive

Des served a four-year stint at Games Workshop as an in-house illustrator. When I was writing for the Black Library’s ‘Inferno!’ magazine, he was one of their regular contributors, providing full page illustrations for the stories within. One of the on-going characters I created for the magazine was a bounty hunter called Nathan Creed, who plied his trade in the urban wasteland that existed beneath the mountain-sized city of Hive Primus on the planet of Necromunda – but more about him another time...


I had already written two Nathan Creed adventures when Des was connected to the series. From then on he appeared to become the unofficial Creed artist. The first story he illustrated was ‘Boyz in the Hive’, originally called ‘Illegal Alien’, and was followed soon after by ‘Firestarter!’ and ‘Bad Medicine’.

Bad Medicine

Unfortunately, ‘Inferno!’ came to an untimely end and so there were never any more Creed stories but had there been I would have liked to see Des continue on the series. He now works for Crocodile Games and you can see many examples of his work for their Wargods series at their website. I also provide a link here to Des’s own website, although it has been ‘coming soon’ for quite some time. Still, there’s a great picture of a Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor there for all to enjoy in the meantime.

Images from the Black Library’s Inferno! Magazine are the property of Games Workshop Ltd, and used with permission. Copyright © Games Workshop Ltd, 2007, all rights reserved.


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