Friday, December 9, 2011

Black Library - Last Shipping Dates

Black Library have announced their last shipping dates before Christmas.

They're also offering free shipping on orders over £10. So if you're looking to buy a Loved One one of my Warhammer or Warhammer 40K novels or short stories for a bit of festive cheer, now is the perfect time to order. (You only need to order one of my Print on Demand titles to receive free shipping.) And of course there are eBooks too - which don't cost anything to post. Marvellous!

Here's the entirety of the JG catalogue currently available from Black Library.

Print on Demand titles
Daemonifuge (my comic strip Ephrael von Stern - Sister of Sigmar is reprinted within)

The Dead and the Damned (my first Warhammer 'novel')
Hammer & Bolter #9 (featuring my short story Sir Dagobert's Last Battle)
The Relic (Black Templars short story)
But Dust in the Wind (Imperial Fists short story)

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