Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bloodbones re-release

With all the fuss being made about Night of the Necromancer (the 63rd original Fighting Fantasy solo gamebook) don't forget that Bloodbones (the 61st) was also re-released this week in the new FF format.

Now you can savour Tony Hough's fantastically detailed illustrations all the better. The book also includes three brand new pre-generated characters.

Still not sure whether Bloodbones is for you? Then here's what other people have had to say about the book, followed by a short teaser trailer for the adventure.

Is it worth the wait? Definitely. The story is good, the plot moves along at a fast pace and the atmosphere created... is excellent.

Tony Hough's illustrations are a treat, as always.

This book is really cool. There's lot's to explore and do and I found it a fantastic read.

Overall, it represents a highly likeable effort by Jonathan Green (whose maps are once again superb), and... for ex- and prospective acolytes of Fighting Fantasy, it is certainly worth purchasing.

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