Monday, August 17, 2009

Crisis on Coruscant - you heard it here first

Since the title recently went up on Amazon, I can now reveal that I have just finished writing a children's gamebook set within the Star Wars Clone Wars universe. It's called Crisis on Coruscant and casts the reader in the role of a padawan learner in the service of Jedi Master Shaak Ti.

Without giving too much away, I can reveal that the adventure features clone troopers, Chancellor Palpatine, Senator Padme Amidala, dramatic airspeeder chases through the planet-city of Coruscant, bounty hunters, a visit to Tatooine and a guest appearance by Jabba the Hutt himself.

Crisis on Coruscant will be published in January 2010 alongside another title, Dooku's Secret Army, and to celebrate I have set up a Star Wars page on my Amazon Associates Store to satisfy all your Jedi (or Sith) related needs.

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