Saturday, August 22, 2009

23 and counting...

The other day my son asked me how many books I'd written... and I couldn't remember!

It may sound ridiculous but now that I'm writing full-time, producing about five books a year (plus short stories and other bits and pieces), with four or five projects at various different stages of development all on the go at the same time, I've lost track of how many books I've actually had published.

(My wife has similiar problems and has to ask for clarification when I strat talking about my 'new book'. 'Is that the new book that's just come out, the one that's about to come out, the one you've just finished, the one you're writing now, the one you've just had commissioned or the one you're writing the pitch for now?')

Anyway, back to the question of how many books I've written. Since I was first commissioned back in 1992, the books I've had published are...

1. Spellbreaker (1993)
2. Knights of Doom (1994)
3. Curse of the Mummy (1995)
4. Theme Park Panic (1995)
5. Stormin' Sonic (1996)
6. Go Gos Are Go Go! (1997)
7. The Dead and the Damned (2002)
8. Crusade for Armageddon (2003)
9. Magestorm (2004)
10. Iron Hands (2004)
11. Necromancer (2005)
12. Conquest of Armageddon (2005)
13. Bloodbones (2006)
14. Unnatural History (2007)
15. Howl of the Werewolf (2007)
16. Leviathan Rising (2008)
17. The Horror of Howling Hill (2008)
18. Match Wits with the Kids: A Little Learning for All the Family (2008)
19. Go, Go Crazy For Those Bones (2008)
20. What is Myrrh Anyway? (2008)
21. Human Nature (2008)
22. Evolution Expects (2009)
23. Stormslayer (2009)

And still to come are...

24. Blood Royal (2009)
25. Crisis on Coruscant (2010)
26. Secret project - title to be confirmed (2010)
27. Pax Britannia 7 - title to be confirmed (2010)
28. Pax Britannia 8 - title to be confirmed (2010)

... and there are more to come after that.

So, how many books was that again?

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