Monday, March 9, 2009

This is weird

I have just had a very strange experience. I came across the video below purely by chance. It's basically a guy talking about his experience of playing Spellbreaker. Be warned, it lasts a good 8 minutes, but I watched it to the end.

On one hand it gave me a buzz realising that there's someone on the other side of the world who was equally frustrated and delighted by Spellbreaker (a book I wrote nearly 17 years ago!) and on the other hand, his comments gave the writer inside me something of a wake-up call. That said, it's a wake-up call I've had from other sources over the years and hoping has helped me to improve as a writer (particularly of adventure gamebooks).

You'll be able to judge for yourself come September, when Stormslayer, my sixth Fighting Fantasy adventure, will be published by Wizard Books. Just bear in mind that when I wrote Spellbreaker I was trying my darnedest to catch out the cheats, and as a consequence probably punished the honourable players too much as well. However, with Stormslayer I was aiming for a fun reading/gaming experience that would stand a number of re-plays. I look forward to reading your reviews on Amazon later this year.

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