Sunday, March 1, 2009

Superman for sale

A rare Superman comic is up for sale in New York and is expected to set a new record. A California man is auctioning off his 1st edition Action Comic book, the very first of the Superman comics, after holding onto it for 58 years.

Stephen Fishler, of Metropolis Collectibles, is handling the online auction and says he expects the comic to set a new record for an Action One book, which currently stands at $250,000 (£174,000). Experts say there are about ten high-grade copies of the comic known to exist - those which have not been artificially restored.

The comic - which originally sold for 10 cents at a used book store - lays out the origin of Superman: his birth on another planet and how bullets bounce off him. Some things are a little different: the "S" on his shirt has a slimmer style than today, and back then he could only, "leap over tall buildings in a single bound" rather than fly.

To watch the video about this news item, click here.

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