Monday, February 2, 2009

Snowed under, and snowed in

Here in London we've had the most snow seen in 18 years! Yay! Local schools and businesses have closed and everyone's been to the park! Yay! And there's more of the same to come tomorrow! Ya - ahem! If you'll excuse me, it is most definitely NOT 'Yay!'

For most people, an enforced day off can only be a good thing, and I can empathise with that. The trouble is, that working from home, being snowed in makes no difference to me, or at least it shouldn't. I cherish the four days a week I get to write and a Monday should be one of them. Except that today, of course, my daughter's nursery was closed, my son's school was closed and my wife was sent home from work. So bang goes my day too!

Now, you might think that's not such a bad thing, except that having always had to put my writing aside for other things for the last fifteen years or so, now that it is officially my full-time job, I'm relishing spending my days, just making stuff up. On top of that, I've taken on a variety of projects which all need to be finished asap. One was due in last week, another the end of this month, and two more the month after that. I have had to plan my work schedule down to the last day.

Now the upside of this is that I make the most of every day I have to write. The down side - as today has so ably demonstrated - is that it doesn't allow for any forced days off. So, while you're relaxing at home again tomorrow, enjoying the second day of your second weekend in a row, think of me, the struggling writer, struggling to balance the demands of small children with the demands of deadlines, and struggling to get everything done.



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