Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Leviathan Rising reviewed in Death Ray magazine

The long-delayed Death Ray magazine issue #13 (unlucky for some, eh?) is now out and inside there is a review of my most recent Pax Britannia outing, Leviathan Rising. The review combines it with another Abaddon Books release, Shadowmage by Matthew Sprange.

And, to be honest, with three and a half stars I think Leviathan Rising hasn't come off too badly. The reviewer, Guy Haley, has some stylistic issues with the novel but on the whole seemed to have enjoyed the adventure aspect of the book. I shall certainly bear in mind what Haley says, as I do any reviewer's comments (apart from those posted as spam to this blog - you know who you are) as I get down to writing Human Nature, which is due for release this December.

In the mean time, why not pick up a copy of Death Ray yourself - it's a stonking read this month.

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