Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Avent and Monie

As long time readers of this blog will know, from time to time I like to post bits and pieces here about other writers. Usually they're novelists or comic strip writers but today I'd like to plug a couple of comedy sketch writers who just happen to perform their own work.

I went to school with Graham Avent and Jon Monie back in the Eighties. They were known for their comedy sketches even then. I remember one classic spoof of Anneka Rice's Treasure Hunt where Jon (in his sixth former suit and a long blonde wig) tried to find any sign of greenery after several years of building work at the school.

'At King Edward's School at Bath,
Try to find a blade of grass.'

The two of them even performed a sketch show at the Theatre Royal Bath and went on to win This Morning's Young Comedy Writer and Performer Award in 1993* whilst both of them were studying at University.

Fast forward eighteen years and Avent and Monie a back, thanks to the wonders of YouTube. They've recorded a number of 15 seconds sketches for BBC 3's search for new(!) comedy talent - appropriately named Funny in 15. Their sketch 'The Drop' is up on the BBC 3 website** but there are a host of others that you can review via their website or YouTube channel.

The one I really can't stop laughing at is their newest sketch 'Librarians in Love' - which probably says a lot more about me and my puerile sense of humour than I would like.

Anyway, go and check them out for yourself. You can read more about the duo in this piece by the Wiltshire Times.

* Which happens to be the year my first book, Spellbreaker, was published.

** And is a darn sight better than most on there - including the ones by the 'professional' comedians.

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