Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Have your say

It's a wet Tuesday morning in West London and I'm feeling reckless, so here goes nothing...

As you may well already know, the next Pax Britannia Ulysses Quicksilver is entitled Dark Side in which our dandy detective-hero travels to the Moon. Now I already know what's going to happen - obviously - but here's your chance to possibly influence how the story progresses.

To put it simply, what would you like to see happen in a Pax Britannia steampunk adventure on the Moon? Now I'm not promising that any of your suggestions will make it into the finished book, and you may well come up with something I've already thought of myself, and anything that does make it in will obviously be copyright Abaddon Books/Rebellion Developments, so if you do suggest anything, you'll be giving up your moral rights to the ideas and all that...

So, if I haven't scared you off, drop me a line by replying to this blog and we'll see what happens. You might just find your idea making a cameo appearance...

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