Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Lost Symbol (a.k.a. The Uninspired Title by Dan Brown)

The (after all the fuss frankly underwhelming) cover of the new Dan Brown book The Lost Symbol was revealed yesterday at the Waterstone's store in Picadilly and from the looks of the video it was a wholly... underwhelming experience.

What I love about the video is that the store appears to be practically empty. One customer walks past at the end, completely ignoring the grand ceremony that was just taken place a few feet from her. And the echoing acoustics suggest that there weren't too many in attendance even on behalf of The Press but it's the half-hearted "Woo!" that really makes it for me.

Is this just sour grapes because Dan Brown's made an art of making a fortune out of not a lot of talent? No, I just think it's funny. Anyway, all the best artists are only appreciated once they're dead. *Gulp!*

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Blogger George Stirling said...

The Big W is on its arse, and the way bookshops will be making little to no money from Dan Brown's latest banality is as probing an insight as any into why things are so bad out there. Book retailing – and to some extent, publishing – needs serious reform before all we have left are supermarkets, Amazon and the very occasional indie.

July 9, 2009 at 1:36 PM  

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